Author’s Declaration (including Copyright Transfer Agreement and Confidentiality Examination)

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 Author (all the authors)                                  make(s) a declaration hereunder for the article (title)                           (article number:                ):

(1) I possess the entire copyright of the above article (including reprinting, translating, image producing,microforming, electronic producing and any other similar reproducing), and agree to publish the article in the Journal of Aeronautical Materials (JAM).

(2) As soon as the article is published, I agree that the copyright of the article, including the copyright of electronic publishing, multimedia publishing, network publishing and any other forms of publishing, is transferred to the editorial board of JAM automatically without additional contribution fees.

(3) I hereby warrant that this article is original, and any part of the article has not been published in any form before; that this article contains no plagiarism, no violation of any law and regulations and no infringement of other third party right; that all references are acknowledged. Once any of the above undertakings is found undone, the editorial board of JAM is permitted to reject the article, to announce the event among other journals, and to inform the author’s unit to discipline the author.

(4) All the authors have reviewed the article and agreed with the order of the authors

(5) The article does not involve confidentiality issues and is approved to be published in the Journal of Aeronautical Materials after confidentiality examination of the author’s unit.

(6) This article does not undertake multiple contributions.


(1) The editorial board agrees the author to use the article in the following cases: 1) applying a patent; 2) making report and lecture; 3) non-commercial academic communication; 4) other activities granted and authorized by the editorial board of JAM.

(2) The agreement will be void and the article will not be published if the article cannot reach the publication requirements of JAM.

(3) Please send a copy with signatures and seals of this form to: Journal of Aeronautical Materials, P.O.Box 81-44, Beijing 100095, China. Tel: +8610-62496277.

All the authors sign in order:                                       

(Unit Seal)

                                                                                                                                            (M)    (D)     (Y)

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